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Greg Karras is an independent consultant with over 35 years of experience as a Senior Scientist for Communities for a Better Environment, providing technical research, analysis, and review of information regarding industrial health and safety investigation, pollution prevention engineering, pollutant releases into the environment, and potential effects of environmental pollutant accumulation and exposure.

He has extensive experience, knowledge, and expertise in the energy manufacturing sector, including petroleum refining, and in particular the refineries in the State of California. He has served as an expert for CBE and other non-profit groups in efforts to prevent pollution from oil refineries; to assess environmental health and safety impacts at refineries; to investigate alternatives to fossil fuel energy; and to improve environmental monitoring of dioxins and mercury.  He has also served as an expert for the City/County of San Francisco and local groups in efforts to replace electric power plant technology with reliable, least-impact alternatives.


Greg Karras


764 Panoramic Hwy

Mill Valley, CA 94941

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