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...because our work matters and we talk openly about it.  A recent search on "Greg Karras news" found at least 14 news reports on the first 4 pages—discussing issues ranging from air pollution to climate chaos to oil refinery fires, explosions or shutdowns that threaten communities' and workers' lives and livelihoods.  News reports also highlight our work on practical, socially just, hopeful solutions for our climate, health and jobs.  Here are some recent examples.

Recent News Coverage

Interviews in the aftermath of the February 3, 2023 train derailment and hazardous materials combustion disaster in East Palestine, Ohio. Edwards-Tiekert, Brian. Up Front.  KPFA: Berkeley, CA.  February 16, 2023.  Hear the interviews (A 15-minute listen, from time mark 8:15.)

California's Net-zero Roadmap is Being Shaped by Regulators-turned-lobbyists.  Cantu, A.

Capital & Main: Los Angeles, CA.  September 13, 2022.  Read the story.

New Cap-and-Trade Policy May Do Very Little to Solve Climate Crisis.  Oron, G. Real Change: Seattle, WA. June 29, 2022. Read the story.

Cleaner Air, Fewer Health Hazards from Bay Area Refineries.  Eaton, J. Kneedeep Times: S.F. Bay Area, CA.  September 28, 2021.  Read the story.

Pandemic Closures, Bankruptcies Rattle Refining Towns.   Lee, M.  EnergyWire, An E&E News Publication: Washington, DC.  September 28, 2020.  Read the story.

Refineries Renewed: Phillips 66, Marathon move to renewable biofuels.   Tepperman, J.  East Bay Express: Oakland, CA.  September 16, 2020.  Read the story.


Marathon refinery closure could signal big transition for area refineries.  Sciacca, A.  East Bay Times.  Bay Area News Group: Walnut Creek, CA.  August 8, 2020.  Read the story.

Shutdown of Marathon's Martinez Refinery Prompts Calls for 'Just Transition' for Oil Workers. Goldberg, T., in The California Report. KQED: San Francisco, CA. August 3, 2020.  Read the story.

Toxic Relationship: How refineries affect climate change and racial and economic justice. Tepperman, J., featured in the East Bay Express. East Bay Express: Oakland, CA. July 22, 2020.  Read the story.

Plans to Build New Petrochemical Tanks in Rodeo Face Pushback Following NuStar Fire. Borba, A., in CBS Bay Area News. KPIX CBS Bay Area: San Francisco, CA. October 22, 2019.  View the story.

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